Executive Committee

For all general enquires, please use the contact form or get in touch with the Society Coordinator.

Robert Lundin




Robert initially joined NSAMR as the first research coordinator following his role as president for the Cardiff University Research Society (CUReS).

He is a Pathfinder Fellow with the Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCPsych) and co-founded the Welsh Digital Data Collection Platform. His first degree was a BSc in Molecular Medicine and Biochemistry and he is currently involved in research groups covering psychiatry, medical education and intensive care.

Ziyan Sheng

Society Coordinator



Ziyan’s research interests lie in Paediatrics and Neurology, with a side interest in Haematology. As the NSAMR Society Coordinator he is the main point of contact between societies and NSAMR to mutually promote events/conferences and provide societies with information to support your work.

Edward Christopher

Finance Lead



Edward is a third-year medical student studying at the University of Edinburgh, currently intercalating in Neuroscience at the same institution. He acts as the finance lead for NSAMR and his research interest lies in the brain and its disorders.

Serena Banh

Research Lead



Serena is currently a graduate medical student at the University of Aberdeen. She earned both her B.Sc and M.Sc at McGill University in Montreal, Canada with her thesis on mechanism of embryo responses to teratological insult. After completing her Masters, Serena moved to Hong Kong where she worked as a clinical and research embryologist. Over her 9 years of training, Serena has collaborated with multiple research groups from USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Spain and the UK. Her research interests include birth defects and fetal development, and the subsequent health impact in adults.

About the Research Team

The research team looks after the NSAMR Database, runs audits in collaboration with other research groups and coordinates a national taster month.

Team members
  • Chean Chung Shen - Database Lead
  • Deevia Kotecha - Audits Lead
  • Harry Bickerstaffe
  • Toh Tzen Szen
  • Daniyal Jafree
  • Eloisa MacLachlan

Ben Cross

Events Lead



Having conducted an intercalation year in pharmacology, Ben was inspired to pursue research in chemotherapy and antipsychotic complications. His future aspirations are for a career in cardiology, which is another research area of interest for him. 

About the Events Team

The events team coordinates the national conference in collaboration with affiliated society hosting. The team also runs two virtual conferences, one national and one international. Throughout the year the events team run several live streamed workshops and talks that societies can get involved with.

Team members
  • Xuedi Liu

Abhinav Mathur

Outreach Lead



Abhinav is a final year medical student passionate about medical research and ensuring social diversity in medicine. His aim is for NSAMR Outreach to carry on the success of the previous years. His academic interests lie in pulmonary fibrosis, haematological malignancies and haematology.

About the Outreach Team

The Outreach team manages the NSAMR Buddy Scheme and helps coordinate any outreach components of the national conference. They also create useful resources for 6th formers, live streamed workshops aimed at applying for medicine and live open days for UK medical schools.

Team members
  • Zoe Morgan
  • Rebecca Lumley
  • Anna Rose

Matthew Byrne

Journal Lead



Matthew has an interest in transplant surgery and medical journalism. He has completed a master of research in transplantation in which he identified a pathophysiological mechanism for urinary tract infection after pancreas transplantation. Matthew aims to complete a PhD in the future and to pursue a career as a transplant surgeon.

About the Journal Team

The journal team is currently working to setup a student-led, open access student research journal with medical students fulfilling the role of peer reviewers. 

Team members
  • Godwin Tong
  • Akanksha Sinha

Helen Jackson

IT Lead


About the IT Team

The IT team manages the NSAMR Network sites and supports each team in development of new schemes such as the NSAMR Database and Journal.

Team members
  • Hamilton Morrin

Lewis Issacs

Mentoring Lead



Lewis is a second-year medical student at Brighton and Sussex Medical School. He has a particular fascination for research into molecular medicine & genetics and the impact it has, garnered from experience on a paediatric ICU and a Postgraduate Diploma in Stem Cells and Regeneration from Bristol Medical School.

About the Mentoring Team

The NSAMR Mentoring team runs a mentoring scheme where medical students are matched up with doctors at various levels and within relevant disciplines. 

Team members
  • Monique Laudat