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Member Societies


Member Societies

The following societies are members of NSAMR.

Please follow the links on this page to their individual website to find out about the society and the activites they organise.

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The Aberdeen Student Society of Academic Medicine is a new student led society which aims to improve research opportunities for medical students in Aberdeen and provide them with the inspiration and information pertinent to pursuit of careers in academic medicine and surgery.


Birmingham Academic Medicine Society (BAMSoc) endeavours to inspire and enthuse all medical students to engage with research and to discover the formidable opportunities and wonders that a career in academic medicine can offer. Our mission is to equip students with the skills they need to excel in this field.​​




The Cambridge University Clinical Research Society (CUCRS) is a student led organisation supported by leading scientists and funded thanks to the generosity of a wide variety of benefactors. It was founded in order to foster interest in medical research amongst medical students.


Cardiff University Research Society (CUReS) is a new student led society which aims to improve research opportunities for medical students in Cardiff and provide them with the inspiration and information pertinent to pursuit of careers in academic medicine and surgery.


Dundee Research and Academic Medicine Society (DRAMS) is a student run society that aims to raise undergraduate interest and involvement in medical research in Dundee.  We work closely with clinical research teams to showcase areas of research that students can get involved in.  We also host guest lecturers, hold regular journal clubs and skills workshops, and host an annual Discovering Research conference.​


ATRIUM (Academic TRaining in Undergraduate Medicine) was established in 2008 by a group of undergraduate medical students at the University of Edinburgh interested in academic medicine and promoting this training pathway. We aim to encourage the personal and professional development of medical students interested in academic medicine by providing interactive educational events aimed at developing skills which are relevant to academic medicine.


Glasgow Evidence-based Medicine Society (GEMS) is a SRC-affiliated organisation at the University of Glasgow.  It was set up in summer 2009 by a group of recently qualified Glasgow medical graduates who recognised gaps in the undergraduate curriculum, particularly on skills relevant to critical appraisal and medical research.

Hull York 

HYMS student research society (HYMS SRS)


Imperial College School of Medicine Society of Research and Academia (ICSM SORA): Our aim is to both introduce the concept of academia in medicine for younger students, and to help older students pursue their interest in an academic career. We hold conferences for both target audiences, arrange mock interviews, invite speakers from all fields of research to give inspiring talks, and provide workshops and tutorials for the BSc students at ICSM. The society is going from strength to strength with over 200 members.


Keele Medical Academics & Research Society (KMARS) aims to give students an insight into academic medicine. We plan to run "how to..." workshops and information evenings to support and encourage students to get involved in summer studentships, research projects, clinical audits, poster presentations and conferences.

Kings College London 

Clinical & Academic Research Society (CARS) aims to raise student awareness of and encourage participation in clinical and academic research being conducted at King’s College London, by facilitating the free exchange of ideas between College or hospital staff and students. We're proud to have the patronage of senior members of King’s College London School of Medicine and its affiliated teaching hospitals, and we run talks and workshops on getting into research, as well as putting students in touch with supervisors and offering opportunities to present their work. Look out for our 2015 conference in February!


Lancaster Academic Medicine and Research Society (LAMARS) founded in 2013 is a student led initiative aimed at fostering medical research and raising awareness about the careers in academic medicine amongst Lancaster University students. LAMARS also aims to provide inspiration, information and a range of opportunities for medical students interested in academic medicine by organizing various educational events, which will help students develop skills relevant to academic medicine and research. 


Leeds Academic Development, Education & Research Society (LEADERS) was established in the belief that academic medicine should be accessible to all students, whatever their stage of training. If you have an interest in research or a future in academic medicine, we are here to help you develop the skills and experience that will allow you to fulfil your potential.


Leicester University Medical Research Society (LUMRS) is a new student led society which aims to improve research opportunities for medical students in Leicester and provide them with the inspiration and information pertinent to pursuit of careers in academic medicine and surgery.


The University of Manchester's Medical Research Society


The Academic Medicine Society are a society of medical students at Newcastle University, committed to bridging the gap between undergraduate medical education and the superb biomedical research that goes on at our university.




The Peninsula Medical Research Society aims to bring medical research to the students of Peninsula. Research is an important aspect of medicine, and offers many opportunities to students. The society will be providing lectures from researchers, news on prominent research going on locally and internationally, as well as finding research opportunities those who wish to get involved.

Queen's Univeristy Belfast 

Queen's University Academic Medicine Society (QUAMS) is the Academic Medicine student society at Queen’s University Belfast. Our aim is the promotion of academia and medical research to Medical and Dental Undergraduates. By running events and improving options available to students we support those interested in research right from the outset of their degree.


The Sheffield Academic Medicine Society are a society of medical students at Sheffield University.


Southampton Academic Society (SAS) is a student led society established to create interest in academic medicine amongst medical students. SAS hope to provide the opportunity to improve knowledge and skills needed for an academic career as well as provide students with a platform on which they can present their work.

St Georges London 

The St. Georges Undergraduate Postgraduate Research and Academic Association (SUPRA) is a student organization with the aim of promoting and encouraging interest in research. We aim to keep students abreast with latest developments in medical research and the opportunities available to participate in research by providing a platform for academics, clinicians and student to exchange ideas


Warwick Academic Medicine Society (WAcMS) is a student led society that educates other students about the importance of research, teaches them the skills needed to carry it out and facilitates involvement in research projects through a project allocation service.


The UCL Medical Research Society seeks to promote scientific research among UCL Medical Students and inspire the next generation of academic clinicians. Annually we provide an exciting lecture series, journal clubs, workshop, and fund many students to perform research in the summer months.

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Barts and London Medical School

Brighton and Sussex

Liverpool (University of), Faculty of Health and Life Sciences

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (Postgraduate Medical School



St Andrews (University of), Faculty of Medical Sciences

Swansea University, School of Medicine