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The National SAMR Conference

NSAMR Conference 2014

The NSAMR conference is a great place for students to showcase their research and network! For information on our upcoming 2014 conference, click here!


NSAMR Conference 2013





The second annual conference of the National Student Association of Medical Research was hosted on 23rd March 2013 by Edinburgh’s Atrium Society. A total of 108 students attended the conference with many presenting their research as posters or oral presentations. The abstracts of all the work presented at the conference are available from the Cambridge Medicine Journal here.
Professor John Iredale (Edinburgh) and Professor David Lomas (University College London) delivered an informative and engaging presentation on post-graduate academic training pathways in Scotland and England. We were then extremely fortunate to have Professor Sir John Savill delivering the day’s keynote talk, where he put forward his thoughts on 'The future of clinical research'. 

Finally, Dr. Kenneth Baillie, a clinical lecturer at the University of Edinburgh, gave an early career perspective of clinical academia, with his talk “From the Andes to Aberdeen: adventures in clinical research”, which was as enjoyable as it’s title was alliterative.

The student presentations were diverse in topic, ranging from the cell biology of ovarian cancer cells to the implementation of exercise programmes for chronic kidney disease patients. All were clearly delivered, and subject to an involved series of questions from the judges and audience.

The bid for hosting the 3rd Annual Conference in 2014 was won by Newcastle's Academic Medicine Society

We are grateful to the speakers and poster judges for generously giving their time and support to the event, and to the students who made the day the success it was.


The conference was organized by the ATRIUM Committee of Edinburgh Medical School.