Executive Committee

For all general enquires, please use the contact form or get in touch with the Society Coordinator.

Serena Banh




Serena is currently a graduate medical student at the University of Aberdeen. She earned both her B.Sc and M.Sc at McGill University in Montreal, Canada with her thesis on mechanism of embryo responses to teratological insult. After completing her Masters, Serena moved to Hong Kong where she worked as a clinical and research embryologist. Over her 9 years of training, Serena has collaborated with multiple research groups from USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Spain and the UK. Her research interests include birth defects and fetal development, and the subsequent health impact in adults.

Aïsha Sooltangos

Society Coordinator



Aïsha is a fourth year medical student at the University of Manchester. In her role as Conference co-Director of the NSAMR national conference in 2017, Aïsha became aware of NSAMR’s unique ability to act as a common platform for the various medical societies across the country, of the collaboration thus generated and the immense potential for education and development therein. She thus joined NSAMR to further expand and exploit this network for the benefit of the wider student body. She has research interests in clinical neurosciences.

Claudia Shi Ya Lee

Finance Lead



Claudia is a second year medical student at University College London. Her research interests include cardiology and influenza epidemiology. As the Finance & Fundraising Lead, she aims to carry on the success of previous years and arrange monetary finances for the smooth running of NSAMR activities.

Ali Ansaripour

Research Lead



Ali is a final year medical student at King’s College London. He is currently undertaking a Master’s degree in neuroscience at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience (IoPPN). He has extensive experience in research, working on clinical trials prior to medical school and since starting medical school he has continued to be involved in both clinical and laboratory research, publishing his work in international journals and presenting at national and international venues. In addition, he has received a number of scholarships and national recognitions and awards. Ali has extensive societal experience and he is aiming to take lead on Research initiatives in the coming year. When not doing Medicine, he could be found swimming in a lake or spinning up a mountain somewhere in the world!

About the Research Team

The research team looks after the NSAMR Database, runs audits in collaboration with other research groups and coordinates a national taster month.

Team members
  • Talib Dar - Database Lead
  • Eloisa Maclachlan - Audits Lead
  • Reem Abdelgalil
  • Kathryn O'Brien
  • Aida Kafai
  • Ahmed Chowdhury
  • Maja Kopczynska
  • Deevia Kotecha
  • Jay Pancholi

Elena-Christina Andreica

Events Lead


About the Events Team

The events team coordinates the national conference in collaboration with affiliated society hosting. The team also runs two virtual conferences, one national and one international. Throughout the year the events team run several live streamed workshops and talks that societies can get involved with.

Team members

Etienne Chew

Alexander Cawley

Outreach Lead



Alex is a final year medical student passionate about medical research and ensuring social diversity in medicine. His aim is for NSAMR Outreach to carry on the success of the previous years. His academic interests lie in neurology and neurosurgery.

About the Outreach Team

The Outreach team manages the NSAMR Buddy Scheme and helps coordinate any outreach components of the national conference. They also create useful resources for 6th formers, live streamed workshops aimed at applying for medicine and live open days for UK medical schools.

Stephanie Rees

Journal Lead



Stephanie has a keen interest in Cardiothoracic Surgery and research, and hopes to combine the two throughout her training. She has previously undertaken an intercalated BSC in Cardiovascular research, looking into the effect of hyperglycaemia on vascular tone, and hopes to further her knowledge and skills by undertaking a PhD in the future.

About the Journal Team

The journal team is currently working to setup a student-led, open access student research journal with medical students fulfilling the role of peer reviewers. 

Team members
  • Godwin Tong
  • Akanksha Sinha

Hamilton Morrin

IT Lead



Hamilton possesses an interest in the fields of neurology, psychiatry and digital health. He has completed an intercalated BSc in Medical Genetics and is currently involved in research into the genetic architecture of Lewy body dementia, with the intention of pursuing a PhD down the line.

About the IT Team

The IT team manages the NSAMR Network sites and supports each team in development of new schemes such as the NSAMR Database and Journal.

Team members
  • Hamilton Morrin
  • Billy Foo

Azmi Rahman

Mentoring Lead



Azmi is an undergraduate student at Imperial College London, with an interest in surgery, and advancement of surgical techniques. Following his undergraduate training, he aims to complete a PhD in clinical research and pursue a career as a clinician-scientist. As a student, Azmi has 7 years’ experience in wet-lab and dry-lab research, and organising and mentoring epidemiological research groups. Azmi also has an interest in in medical education, teaching and organising medical and surgical education opportunities for medical students.

As mentoring lead, Azmi hopes to give medical students in the UK an edge in today’s competitive environment. He oversees NSAMR’s new Student Development Scheme, which aims to connect capable and driven medical students with relatable yet experienced mentors, to help more medical students realise their career aspirations and plan for them accordingly.

About the Mentoring Team

The NSAMR Mentoring team runs a mentoring scheme where medical students are matched up with doctors at various levels and within relevant disciplines. 

Team members
  • Emma Louise Welch

Emma Gill

Education Lead


Emma is a graduate medical student in her penultimate year at the University of Edinburgh, where she previously earned her B.Sc in Medical Sciences. Over the past 6 years, Emma has worked in research labs based in Nottingham, Leeds and her host institution Edinburgh. She has experience in a variety of techniques ranging from electroencephalography to immunohistochemistry and has also conducted behavioural research. Her research interests predominantly focus on learning and memory. More recently, she has been working to better understand the underlying pathology of absence epilepsy.  Emma hopes to complete her medical degree and pursue a career in academic medicine.

Team members
  • Kristen Davies
  • Ali Bakhsh