The Conference and Events Team is responsible for organising NSAMR conferences and Events. We aim to provide opportunities to medical students all over the country. Our three schemes are the following:

Annual NSAMR conference 


Following on from previous annual events in London, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Cardiff and Birmingham the next conference (2017) will be held in Manchester and hosted by the local society MMRsoc. The 2017 conference would follow on from the previous two events mentioned and usually contains oral presentations, posters, plenary speakers, workshops and participation from 6th form students. The main focus of this medical student conference is to provide students across the UK with the opportunity to present their work. There is also an opportunity for some selected high-quality work to be published in NSAMR journal. See for more information.


Please click to the NSAMR conference page if you want to know more about the upcoming conference. If your society would like to host the next NSAMR conference, please contact us on:



Annual NSAMR virtual conference

The aim of NSAMR conference is to provide further opportunity for students to join in the conference, especially for those that unable to travel. Each society can simply book a room to live-stream the event and students will be able to present their work through internet too. Prizes would be awarded to students based on the votes while posters and presentations of a sufficient quality could be invited to the NSAMR Annual Conference 2017 in Manchester. There will also be talks and workshops at NSAMR virtual conference-


NSAMR events scheme

The NSAMR events scheme also involves live-streaming of the talks. There are two ways that societies can participate: (1) Join a session, or (2) host a session.

To participate in a live-streamed event, the local society would only need to book a room and invite members. NSAMR would share the invitation with the societies signed up. All talks should ideally be made available online one week later if agreed with the speaker. Following this model, any speaker or workshop coordinator can be located anywhere in the world, providing a large number of medical students with access to some of the best speakers in the world.

The local society could also apply to host a live-streamed event. NSAMR could provide small amount of funding for those hosting to cover the cost. Sessions can be on Journal clubs, workshops, debates, research talks etc.

If your society is interested in participating in our NSAMR events scheme, please contact us on