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The National Student Association of Medical Research

The National Student Association of Medical Research (NSAMR) is a student-led organisation that aims to encourage and enable medical students to pursue a career in academic medicine.

We support regional student research societies and fund an annual national student conference.

In 2014-15 we aim to expand NSAMR by establishing a mentorship scheme for medical students and an outreach scheme to inspire high-school students.

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NSAMR AGM 2014-15


We held our Annual General Meeting on Saturday 15th of Novemeber in London. We brought together representatives from the UK medical school research societies to learn from and collaborative with on another. The slides have been sent to the attendees - if you have not received these then please let us know -


AFP Talk With Dr. Gennery

We interviewed Dr. Gennery, head of the Northern Academic Foundation Program. He gives his advice on how medical students can prepare themselves to maximise their chance of being accepted onto one of the programs. Hear his advice below:




THe NSAMR Annual General Meeting was held last week, kindly hosted by Manchester Medical School. Representatives from medical student research societes across the country were present to discuss how they and the NSAMR can work together to promote undegraduate research. 
Thanks to everyone who attended, we're looking forward to working with you over the coming year!